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Here at mattresschooser.co.uk we've compared a lot of mattresses, particularly the new so-called mattress-in-a-box brands that have exploded onto the market in the past few years. There are a baffling array of brands, including Simba, Leesa, Emma, Eve, Casper, Hyde & Sleep, Bruno, Sleeping Duck and many more… It can be hard to know where to start searching.

One of the problems is that it's difficult to compare these mattresses because the materials used vary enormously. You will find different hybrid layer combinations of foam, memory foam, latex and pocket springs, amongst others. It is also difficult to state comprehensively that one mattress brand is better than all the rest, because inevitably we each have our own individual needs and preferences and what works for one won't work for others.

However, what we really like about the Simba mattress is the quality of the materials used, the engineering of the layers and the expertise with which they are put together. The Simba hybrid contains layers including support foam, Visco memory foam, individually encased microcoils and Simbatex (a unique latex based cooling layer) – all of which perform a specific purpose and help aid excellent sleep. Simba's mattress is responsive, with good support and edge support. The microcoils add a good level of bounce, and help to prevent any pressure points forming, while the Simbatex layer keeps the mattress cool and highly breathable.

The Simba hybrid is designed to suit all sleeping patterns, allowing two people with different sleeping patterns and body types to get a great night's sleep without disturbing each other. The mattress fits snugly on most bases including slatted base, flat platform, divan base and adjustable bases, and it's available in 12 different UK and EU sizes. Plus you get a 100 night trial period, free delivery and a full refund if you're not satisfied!

Simba's hybrid mattress is very reasonably priced and comparable with its main mattress-in-a-box competitors such as Eve and Leesa, but with an additional layer of microcoils. This makes it extremely good value for money. Prices range from £399.00 to £899.00 Click here to see our range of Simba mattresses.

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5 incredible layers of comfort

  • Sleep Surface - hypoallergenic air flow sleep surface provides freshness and temperature control
  • Simbatex - super comfort layer of what we like to call 'Simbatex' to give cool, gentle support
  • Spring-Powered - mattress features 2,500* unique conical pocket springs. They individually adjust as you sleep, so you wake up with a spring in your step for the whole day (*Spring count is calculated to be the equivalent number of springs in a Simba King Size)
  • Shaped For You - the Visco memory foam moulds expertly to your body shape. It's like a mattress tailor made for you
  • Seventh Heaven - perfectly engineered support base has 7 different zones to ensure a perfect night's sleep for all.
Don't Just Take our Word for it
Stylist - "The ultra-comfy Simba mattress arrives in a neat box and then cleverly unfolds itself."
Good Housekeeping - "After a full month of sleeping on the Simba Hybrid mattress we definitely found that it suited all firmness levels."
Wallpaper - "Wake up call: Simba Sleep is the hybrid mattress changing the way we sleep."