Sealy king size 150cm 5ft mattress sealy geltex pocket 1400 cr3 white

Pocket sprung mattress with Geltex foam layerPart of the Sealy ActivSleep collectionComfort rating 3 - medium1400 twice tempered pocket springs that are weight responsive to provide extra durability and comfortUnirail encases the springs to provide edge-to edge support for your entire bodyA layer of Geltex provides triple benefits of pressure relief, body support and breathability7 zone foam provides added comfort, leaving you energised and ready to take on the dayAdaptive fibres releases and transports moisture - the perfect solution for a cool, dry sleepPurotex fibres release probiotics, cleaning the mattress and getting rid of any dust mites- great for allergy sufferersHandmade in the UKWeb Exclusive – not available in-store5 year guaranteeThe Sealy Geltex Pocket 1400 offers support where you need it the most. Featuring 1400 weight responsive pocket springs provides extra durability without compromising on comfort. Surrounded by Unirail, the springs are encased to offer edge-to-edge support across the entire sleeping surface. A layer of Geltex gives triple benefits of pressure relief, body support and breathability. Geltex allows air to circulate more easily to prevent overheating and maintain a cool temperature that will improve the quality of your sleep. An additional layer of 7 zone foam provides added comfort, with the aim of improving the quality of your sleep. Combatting both moisture and temperature, Adaptive fibres responds to your body and creates the perfect climate to achieve a deeper, enhanced sleep. Allergy sufferer? We have the perfect solution! Working in collaboration with Adaptive, Purotex fibres can provide relief you need by cleaning up any nasties in your mattress. Not only that, the microcapsules act as an active bed cleaner, keeping your mattress clean and hygienic.

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