Mlily bamboo plus superb mattress, single

Combining a dense central matrix of 2500 individually pocketed springs with various layers of memory foam makes this premium quality mattress one of the most advanced on the market. The use of natural fibres from bamboo and technologically advanced core support foam layers creates a comfortable, healthy and supportive sleeping environment for both you and your partner. The use of Air-Flow Bamboo Charcoal memory foam also ensures temperature and moisture are controlled, for a cooler, fresher night�s sleep. A single-sided mattress, there is no need to regularly turn or flip the MLILY Bamboo Plus Superb mattress. However, we do recommend that you rotate it from head to toe every six months to prevent bumps or dips from forming. A five-year guarantee gives you total peace of mind. Over time, unsupported edges can be prone to �sagging�, which not only reduces the size of the sleeping area but can also be uncomfortable and shorten the lifespan of the mattress. The MLILY Bamboo Plus Superb mattress has the exclusive Aero-Flex Support border design which effectively eliminates sagging using specially designed F-joints to keep every part of your mattress fully supported, including the edges. The denser the number of springs in a mattress matrix, the greater the level of support it provides. The MLILY Bamboo Plus Superb mattress manages to pack in an incredible 2500 individually pocketed springs into its core matrix, eliminating vibration and movement transference so your night-time wriggles don�t disturb your partner. Getting too hot or sweaty can ruin a night�s sleep, and often those who do suffer from night sweats find memory foam mattresses to be too warm. The MLILY Bamboo range gets around this problem with the use of its unique Bamboo Charcoal memory foam, which uses natural ingredients suspended in the foam matrix to wick away moisture and regulate the temperature, creating a cooler, fresher sleeping environment, as well as eliminating odours. This clever foam responds to your body and also adapts to those micro-pressure points, so you stay comfortable all night long.

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