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Hyde & Sleep are a British company producing mattresses made in the UK. They also make pillows, sheets, duvets and mattress protectors. The company make four different mattresses, all offered with a 100 night trial period, 10-year guarantee and free delivery and returns. Let's look at the mattresses in more detail.

Next-Gen Memory Foam

The cheapest mattress in the range, with prices starting from £299, the Next-Gen memory foam is 20cm deep and offers a medium to firm feel. The mattress is composed of three layers. The support base is made from high-density polyurethane foam, with ventilation channels to create 7 zones of airflow. This helps to keep the sleeper cool and comfortable.

Above this is the next-gen memory foam layer, with technology to protect the mattress from dust mites and bacteria. Finally, the mattress is wrapped in a breathable cover.

Next-Gen Memory Foam Plus

With prices starting from £449, the Plus version is 25cm deep. The mattress has the same three layers as the original memory foam mattress, but has an additional transition layer. This is made from a combination of memory foam and latex, so that you get the extra bounce of latex with the moulding benefits of memory foam.

Pocket Sprung Hybrid

The Pocket Sprung Hybrid is a combination of memory foam and pocket springs and is 22cm deep, with a slightly firmer feel than the brand's memory foam mattresses. Prices start from £399.

The mattress has the same high-density support base and breathable cover as the next-gen range. It also uses the same memory foam layer, but with the addition of micro pocket springs. These individually adjust to the contours of your body, help to distribute body weight and reduce the build-up of pressure points.

Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus

With prices starting from £499, this is Hyde & Sleep's most expensive mattress. It's very similar to the standard pocket sprung hybrid but is 25cm deep and has more pocket springs for even more cushioning.


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