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Emma now offer two award winning mattresses – the Emma Original and the Emma Hybrid. The Emma Original mattress has won a 'Which?' Best Buy Award for 2018, and holds the coveted Top Score in the Which? mattresses comparison table 2018, performing exceptionally in their test. It was also awarded the best rating possible for overall durability. Meanwhile, the Emma Hybrid picked up a Which? Best Buy in 2017; and across Europe, Emma has been elected 8 times as the best mattress, during tests of consumer associations, placing itself in front of all its competitors.

Read our detailed Emma mattress review below for more information and see if an Emma is the right mattress for you.

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Mattress Brand
Mattress Construction
Pocket Sprung
Average Rating
4.69 out of 5.0
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UK mattress Made in the UK
Trial Period
100 night trial

Emma Mattress Review

The Low down - should I buy an Emma mattress?

Emma's mattresses have a rightly deserved positive reputation as a great buy, being consistently popular with both customers and the press (press and customer reviews below). We'd recommend the Emma for all sleeping positions and particularly to those who share a bed with a partner. Emma scores highly on its lack of motion transfer, meaning that a partner who is restless through the night won't disturb you. It's also extremely adaptable to two people of differing weights and never sags or dips towards a heavier individual.

Some users do report that the Emma mattresses aren't as supportive for those with lower back problems and, in addition, we wouldn't recommend these mattresses for those weighing over 20 stone.

What the Press are saying about the Emma Mattress

The Independent rated the Emma mattress as one of the 18 best on the market:

You'll find as you go to sleep your body gradually sinks into the foam, but not too far, meaning it's the ideal mix of comfort and support. When two are in the bed you don't feel any dips from the other person either, meaning you can both sleep in your desired position without decreasing the other's comfort levels. We found it was especially good for back sleepers too as it felt much more supportive than cheaper models.

The Evening Standard named the Emma one of its best mattresses of 2018:

The Emma mattress is soft, comfortable, and feels far more sturdily built than most other mattresses towards the softer end of the spectrum… In other words, it's a potential lifeline for people who share their bed with a restless sleeper. It provides blissful, supportive comfort on your side or front.

And Emma mattresses are a firm favourite with Which?:

Described by Which? Magazine as 'exceptional', the Emma Original is the second Which? Best Buy award to be won by Europe's leading bed-in-a-box brand, with the Emma Hybrid picking up a Which? Best Buy in 2017.

What the punters are saying - customer reviews

In general, the Emma mattress gets extremely positive reviews from customers. Here are a few recent reviews from their site:

The comfort has been wonderful, my wife and I no longer wake up with aches and pains. I also used to have disturbed sleep most nights, now I sleep much better and rarely wake through the night. (June 2018)

Having recently returned from a weekend away sleeping on a normal sprung mattress I realised just how good the Emma Mattress is. On the Emma I can sleep in one position all night without waking up needing to move. This has also helped reduce my snoring by keeping me on my side. (April 2018)

Really impressive how quickly it was delivered - two days!! Comes in the box like it says it does, only took two hours to be ready to sleep on and now I'm sleeping so much better than I have in years THANK YOU EMMA. (April 2018)

I was sleeping badly and a friend suggested that maybe it was my mattress that was causing the problems. I did some research, decided to try out the Emma mattress and I'm never looking back! No more waking up exhausted and achy and my partner doesn't get woken up by me rolling over any more! (April 2018)

Detailed Emma Mattress Review

Emma combines high-quality materials to create mattresses that suit every body type. Extensive research and advanced foam technology allow customers to get the comfiest sleep possible. Comfort point-elastic caving helps to keep the spine straight – whatever position you're sleeping in, and the innovative Airgocell layer boasts a gel-like structure that gives a cooling effect while you sleep. All Emma's materials are fine, durable and produced at top quality mills throughout Europe.

Emma now offer two mattresses – the Emma Original and the Emma Hybrid. Both mattresses have a medium firmness rating, although users report that Hybrid is a little softer than the Original. Emma have introduced the Hybrid to give users this option of a slightly softer mattress, as the Original is considered to be one of the firmer foam mattresses on the market.

Let's have a look at the different layers in both mattresses:

Emma Original
  • Cover – A two-tone white and grey 100% polyester cover, designed to allow the mattress to breathe.
  • Top Layer – A 4cm layer of responsive Airgocell poly foam, designed to provide pressure relief, bounce and cooling.
  • Second Layer – A 2cm layer of microcoils, designed to relieve pressure and add more bounce and breathability. They also provide additional softness to the sleeper.
  • Third Layer – A 3cm layer of memory foam, providing a soft transition layer from the coils to the base foam, as well as contouring to the sleeper's body shape.
  • Bottom Layer – A 16cm layer of support foam that acts as the deep compression support for the mattress.
Emma Hybrid
  • Cover – A removable and washable top cover, made of 99% polyester and 1% elastane. The side cover is 100% polyester, whilst the bottom cover is 89% polyester and 11% polypropylene. The breathable top cover is elastic to adapt to your body and helps to keep you cool at night.
  • Airgocell Foam – The foam is designed with an open pore structure for air circulation and also helps to aid the breathability of the mattress.
  • Memory Foam – A layer of adaptive visco-elastic memory foam designed for support, pressure relief and spinal support.
  • Cold Foam – A firm bottom layer to provide counter pressure for all sleeping positions, giving support to the lower back and shoulder areas.
  • Air Comfort Cover – The grey side cover has 3D-mesh to support air circulation, as well as gripping the underside of the mattress. It also has handles to help move the mattress easily.

Both mattresses are extremely good at keeping sleepers cool – Emma are one of the best brands for incorporating breathability into their produces. However, as with all foam mattresses, they might not be the best choice if you're always very hot naturally! The major difference between the Original and the Hybrid is that only the Original has a layer of microcoils. This gives a slightly different feel to the two mattresses, and is the main reason that the Original mattress feels slightly firmer than the Hybrid.

What else does Emma offer other than mattresses?

Emma also offers a small range of accessories to accompany their mattress. You can add an Emma pillow, and Emma bed base (although the mattress will fit on any base) and a Smart Sleeve mattress protector to complete your perfect sleeping environment.For peace of mind, Emma offers a trial period of 100 nights, with a full refund if you're not satisfied. Mattresses have a 10-year guarantee and there's free one-day delivery to most of the UK. You can even apply for up to 12 months interest free credit to spread the cost of buying the mattress.

About Emma

All Emma mattresses are made in the UK, with the company assembling their mattress at their various facilities around the UK. Every mattress is thoroughly inspected before shipment to ensure that customers receive the highest British quality and comfort available. Emma was founded by Max Laarmann in 2015 after his own frustrating search for the right mattress. After purchasing an expensive mattress that didn't give a comfortable night's sleep, Max set out to provide an easier solution and thus, the Emma mattress was born.

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