Dormeo octaspring 9500 mattress - double (4'6" x 6'3")

The Octaspring 9500 Mattress contains 3 layers of octasprings under a layer of luxurious supportive latex foam Just below the latex foam there are three layers of Octaspring breathable memory foam springs of different firmnesses arranged into zones to provide unmatched levels of support flexibility and comfort across your entire body for a healthy restful sleep This incredible memory foam spring technology cannot be found in any other mattress softer memory foam for your head shoulders and legs and firmer springs for the hips ensuring you enjoy deep muscle relaxation and truly rejuvenating sleepThe middle layer has 5 zones of Octaspring springs in different firmnesss arranged in support zones to create a sleeping environment which gives more support where the body is naturally heavier and more comfort where your body is lighter Finished with a third foundation layer of extra supportive Octaspring foam springs it evenly distributes your body weight and provides pure Octaspring comfortOctaspring is a truly groundbreaking sleep technology with patented memory foam springs making the mattress 8 times more breathable than traditional memory foam The Octaspring design works in the opposite method to that of a metal spring metal springs push up resisting the force applied whereas an octaspring accepts the force applied conforming and cradling the bodyIt provides unrivalled ventilation that keeps you cool and fresh all night long while delivering superb comfort and cradling support for your entire body The Octaspring 9500 mattress is finished in an Italian design Octaspring cover with azip to enable it to be removed and washable at 30C The Octaspring ventilation system provides a fresh healthy sleeping surface night after night ensuring you wake refreshed every morning

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Mattress Brand
Dormeo octaspring
Mattress Size
Mattress Construction
Memory Foam
Made in Italy
Italy mattress

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