Coolflex sensations 2000 mattress - single (3' x 6'3")

Anyone looking for a mattress which utilises fabulous features to offer more is in for a real treat here The 2000 pocket springs in this product give fantastic support to your body as you sleep Waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated is an everyday occurrence once you begin sleeping on this The upper part of each spring conforms to your individual shape while the lower section distributes your weight evenly as you slumber These innovative pocket springs also avoid the dreaded roll together by working individually to stop it happening Also included in this mattress is a luxurious layer of 50mm foam This highdensity material keeps your spine aligned properly as you sleep and is super durableEven better this mattress comes vacuumpacked and rolled to make it simple to carry upstairs when delivered This means no more struggling to manhandle a fullsize mattress up your stairs Once you have it in the right room you just unpack it and leave for a few hours until it is ready to use The Sensations 2000 from Coolflex is rated as medium for firmness This makes it perfect if you need a mattress which gives enough support but without being too hardBut what other features does this product containYou will be pleased to see a removable cover which is simple to dry clean and keep fresh The cover also has a treatment of cuttingedge Fresche technology This is an antimicrobe treatment which stops dust mites breeding and kills off odours along with bacteria Suitable for bed frames and divans this superb mattress is truly versatile and the ideal choice for any bedroom You will also be interested to know that the Sensations 2000 is hypoallergenic and has excellent ventilation for added air flowThis not only stops moisture building up in the mattress but also helps keep you at a more comfortable temperature as you rest With no need to turn this is an easy product to care for and requires no heavy lifting As you would expect from Coolflex the quality is second to none and it comes with a 10year guarantee for the core of the mattress

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2000 pocket springs

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