Simba Mattress Review

Simba actually started life as a family business supplying thread for mattresses back in 1979. In 2002 they started to diversify into mattress design and supply but, in more recent years, they wanted to create what they saw as the 'perfect' mattress. And from here, the Simba Hybrid mattress was born. Part of the 'bed in a box' revolution, Simba's mattress has quickly made a good name for itself. But is the Simba mattress worth considering? Here at Mattress Chooser, we've done a full Simba mattress review so you don't have to! Let's start by looking at the mattress in more detail:

Simba Mattress

Prices and Sizes

The Simba Hybrid mattress comes in a big range of sizes and prices starting from £379. Here's a handy list of all the sizes and don't forget to check out our available discounts and offers for an even better price. All measurements are in cm.

Mattress SizeMattress Price
Small Single (W75 x L200 x D25)£379
Single (W90 x L190 x D25)£399
Small Double (W120 x L190 x D25)£599
Double (W135 x L190 x D25)£599
King (W150 x L200 x D25)£699
Super King (W180 x L200 x D25)£799
EU Small Single (W80 x L200 x D25)£399
EU Single (W90 x L200 x D25)£449
EU Double (W140 x L190 x D25)£649
EU Double Long (W140 x L200 x D25)£649
Queen (W160 x L200 x D25)£749
Emperor (W200 x L200 x D25)£899
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What's the Simba Mattress made of?

  • Cover – Simba's cover is 100% polyester, making it stretchy and breathable. It has a white top layer and grey sides, and is easy to take on and off.
  • Top Layer – A 5cm latex foam layer, designed to provide most of the cooling, bounce and comfort.
  • 2 nd Layer – A 2cm layer of 2500 foam encased microcoils, working to provide contour to the sleeper.
  • 3 rd Layer – A 3cm Visco memory foam layer, which acts as a transitional layer between the foundation and microcoils.
  • Bottom Layer – A 15cm layer of 7-zoned support foam, providing most of the shape for the mattress.

Firmness, Comfort and Support

  • Due to its top layer of latex, the Simba mattress is both responsive and comfortable, and is highly breathable.
  • The layer of microcoils help to create a good level of sinkage without any pressure points being created.
  • The microcoils also help to add a little more bounce than you would normally get from a foam mattress.
  • The contour and hug of the Simba mattress provides a great mix of sinkage, contour and support. Great for both back and side sleepers.
  • However, if you're a stomach sleeper you may find that the Simba mattress tries to contour around you too much, although this is more obvious with those of a lighter weight.

Other Factors

  • Trial Period – 100 nights with a full refund if not satisfied.
  • Warranty – 10 years.
  • Shipping – Free one-day delivery if ordered before 4pm on a business day, delivered rolled up in a box.
  • Payment – Credit / debit card or you can apply for 12 months interest free credit.
  • Made in the UK.

What the Press think of the Simba Hybrid Mattress

Various magazines and newspapers have conducted a Simba mattress review and here's what they had to say:

The Independent rated the Simba mattress as one of the 18 best on the market:

The Simba mattress is marginally softer than average and is a great all-rounder, winning particular brownie points for lighter people who sleep on their backs. It's stable, keeps sweat at bay if you get hot at night and you won't need to replace it for years, as it's as robust as they come – there's a 100-night sleep trial period available too.

The Simba Hybrid mattress also received a Good Housekeeping Institute seal of approval:

After a full month of sleeping on the Simba Hybrid mattress we definitely found that it suited all firmness levels.

The Daily Mail awarded the Simba mattress 10/10:

Because the Simba mattress is a hybrid — a mixture of memory foam and pocket springs — it didn't pack down quite as small as the others and was far heavier. But it was definitely worth our exertions — comfortingly squishy and satisfyingly supportive, it lulled me into the best night's sleep I've had in years.

And the Evening Standard named the Simba one of its best mattresses of 2018:

You don't expect to find yourself talking about mattresses at parties – who wants to be that person? – but that, regrettably, is exactly what happened after sleeping on the Simba. It was difficult to avoid: this thing is absurdly comfortable, both snuggly and supportive at the same time (a bit like Mark Darcy in a Christmas jumper).

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Customer Reviews

In general, the Simba Hybrid mattress gets extremely positive reviews from customers. Here are a few recent reviews from TrustPilot:

I suffer from osteoarthritis in both knees so getting a good mattress is a must. As I sleep on my back a lot and as this had a 100-day test I thought I would give it a go. Oh my goodness, I so glad I did! I love the mattress just wish I had bought it earlier. I also got free pillows and both my husband and me just love them too. I would highly recommend this mattress and Simba staff was great also no complaints what so ever - so easy and many ways to pay…I'm going to buy another for my son. (August 2018)

I spent weeks researching box mattresses, which can be confusing as there are so many and they all state they are better than their competitors. In the end I went with Simba, and I'm glad I did, the mattress feels firm with just enough softness where needed, I ended up picking up two of their pillows and fitted sheets as well - everything from the original order, through to the delivery was seamless, and I can't recommend them enough. (August 2018)

Excellent product and service. My wife and I purchased the Simba to replace a nearly new mattress that had gone faulty. This had left me with back and hip pain that I had never suffered from before. My wife has had spinal surgery and suffers with pain, so after some online research we opted for the Simba as a much needed and fast replacement. Delivered on time, within 2 days to Northern Ireland, we had it unpacked at lunch and ready by bedtime. No smell and very easy to unravel I'm happy to report a few days later all my pain and stiffness were gone! My wife loves it too, also, she is half my weight so the fact it suits us both is a real plus. Very satisfied customers. Highly recommend. (July 2018)

We ordered a Simba Super King Size Mattress that arrived the next day! Our bedframe (not from Simba) got delayed so we ended up sleeping on the floor for the first week. Which still slept amazingly, now with the bedframe I can say it's even better! My boyfriend always woke up with back problems when we would sleep together and those have completely disappeared! Now our only struggle with this mattress is that we don't want to leave our bed anymore, because it's to darn comfy! (June 2018)

As with all mattresses, the Simba Hybrid doesn't suit everyone. The most common complaint is that the mattress is too hot so, whilst the materials are very breathable, it's probably not the best choice if you're naturally a very warm person! Some users also reported the mattress 'dipping' on one side, particularly those of a heavier build. It is, obviously, important to turn these 'bed in a box' mattresses regularly and this can help prevent dipping on one side.

Should I buy the Simba Hybrid mattress?

The Simba mattress would certainly be one of our most recommended mattress buys. It is consistently popular with both customers and the press, and has built a well-deserved reputation as a great investment.

So, what kind of sleepers does the Simba mattress suit? The fact that it's a hybrid mattress gives the Simba a different feel to traditional memory foam mattresses. The combination of latex and microcoils helps the mattress to respond to pressure quickly and the mattress has better edge support than many of its competitors (due, in no small part to the extra layer of foam placed around the coils). The Simba Hybrid mattress isn't the firmest of mattresses so would be rated as of a medium firmness.

With much to recommend it, the Simba Hybrid mattress is definitely a top contender for those in the market for a new mattress. Our Simba mattress review will hopefully help you decide if it's the one for you!

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