Top direct to customer mattresses

Direct to customer mattresses, also known as mattress in a box companies, are becoming more and more popular and have seen huge growth over the past few years, with some new mattress companies even floating on the stock market! Why this growth in mattress manufacturers selling directly to the consumer? The answer is simple a smaller selection of high quality affordable mattresses targeted at the customer allow mattress manufacturers to grow their brands and build a relationship.

Mattress retailers, who offer their mattresses direct to customer are; Eve, Simba Sleep, Leesa, Otty sleep, Bruno and Brighter Mattress Co among others.

Leesa mattress

Leesa offers consumers a new way to buy a mattress. Say goodbye to making a decision on where you sleep for the next 5 years by awkwardly lying on a mattress for two minutes while a salesperson watches. Buy with the confidence that if you're not sleeping better on a Leesa within 100 nights, we can donate your mattress and provide a full refund. Leesa offers a quick, simple, no-nonsense online purchase – built to order within 3-5 working days, and delivered free within the UK. The Leesa mattress was designed by a mattress industry veteran with one mission – to deliver better sleep – by providing the best quality premium mattress possible, for an affordable price. Click here to see the Leesa mattress.

Simbasleep mattress

Simbasleep mattress

Simba has been developing mattresses for a long time, and as such has a huge amount of experience with excellent quality and stylish mattresses. Their main product is a hybrid mattress, which consists of latex foam, memory foam and microcoils, specifically engineered to keep you comfortable all night. Prices range from £399.00 to £899.00 Click here to see our range of Simba mattresses.

Sleeping Duck mattress

Sleeping Duck's modular mattress is exclusively engineered to be customisable to your individual needs. But what exactly does that mean? That you can easily change the feel of the mattress with just the pull of a zip, making it firmer or softer, as you like. Sleeping Duck even give you the option to vary each side of the bed - perfect for couples that can't seem to agree on the one firmness. We give all our customers 100 nights to trial their mattress at home. This way you can truly tell if it will suit your unique sleep needs. If you're not sleeping happy, you've got options - free shipping, free returns & free customisation. Prices start from £399.00 to £749.00 Click here to see our range of Sleeping Duck mattresses.

Sleeping Duck mattress

Brighter mattress company

Brighter Mattress Co mattress

Hotly tipped to be one of the rising stars of 2017, Brighter have their eyes set firmly on delivering their message of 'a better next day' to the masses. Their luxury, master-crafted, memory foam mattresses, bring an elegant simplicity to the bedroom. Luxury as never been so affordable. Prices start from £345.00 to £745.00 with finance options available. Click here to see our range of Brighter Mattress Co mattresses.

Otty mattress

Otty have developed an innovative mattress, which balances comfort and regulation of temperature. They have developed a CoolTec blue gel memory foam technology with thermostatic cushioning, that actively responds to your natural bodily temperature throughout the night. Any surplus heat gets dissipated through invisible air-flow perforations, cooling you in the process so you remain pleasantly warm. Prices range from £399.99 to £549.99 Click here to see our range of Otty mattresses.

Otty sleep mattress

Bruno mattresses

Bruno mattress

The Bruno Mattress is a German innovation, and, since launching in the UK in 2016, has received glowing reviews from customers and experts alike.

The mattress boasts a support-foam base with a precise 7-zone structure, which reflects the contours of the body to gently align your spine while you sleep. A sustainably farmed, hypoallergenic natural latex top layer gives the mattress a little supple bounce and provides perfect comfort, no matter how you sleep. The Bruno is delivered for free in the UK. You can try the mattress at home for 101 nights and if it's not for you, you'll receive a full refund.. Click here to see our range of Bruno mattresses.

Eve mattress

The people behind eve sold 75,000 mattresses before developing the eve mattress, which enabled them to create the perfect mattress. Launched in 2015 eve has quickly become one of the most popular direct to customer mattress brands. They offer one mattress at a range of sizes. Prices range from £349.00 to £949.00 Click here to see our range of Eve mattresses.

Eve mattress