Simba Luxe Mattress

Simba have already established themselves as one of the leading 'bed-in-a-box' brands with their Hybrid mattress. The Hybrid mattress has been an extremely successful and popular mattress for Simba and rightly so. It has won several awards and receives great feedback from users. Now Simba has brought out a new mattress – the Simba Luxe, which is designed to be a premium mattress, still delivered in a box to the room of your choice!

Simba Mattress

The Luxe is clearly aimed at competing with Tempur's Hybrid Supreme mattress, with comparable prices. This is a luxury mattress and the prices reflect this, ranging from £1299 to £2399 (which is slightly cheaper than the Tempur). Where it differs from Tempur mattresses is in the number of layers that the Luxe contains – 10 layers in a 32cm deep mattress. The mattress has a 6cm topper built-in, with latex, memory foam and 4000 conical pocket springs. The topper is also detachable for those who want a slightly slimmer mattress. Underneath are 9 'comfort' layers, with two Simbatex latex layers, with charcoal for airflow and purifying. There are also a number of memory foam layers and open spring layers, with 10,500 springs in total. This is all supported by the Zoned base layer – seven engineered zones of high definition foam and springs. It's all wrapped up in a classic Simba cover and even has handles on the side for easy manoeuvring.

Is the Luxe the most luxurious mattress in the world? At present, it's definitely a contender. It certainly contains far more materials and layers than its nearest rival, the Tempur. Of course, Tempur has the benefit of a longstanding name and reputation, with many years of research and satisfied customers. But the Luxe is a modern mattress, using the latest technology and materials. The combination of latex, memory foam, springs and the 7-zone support base combines well to reduce pressure on key compression points across the body, and helps to enhance movement throughout the night. The Luxe is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for anyone with allergies.

However, whilst the materials may be up to the minute and technologically 'top-end', there are other mattresses using more traditionally 'luxurious' materials. John Lewis offer a Natural Collection silk 14000 pocket spring mattress, made from a unique blend of fillings including goat Angora, Yorkshire wool, Egyptian cotton, British fleece wool, cotton, hemp, wool, linen and horsehair, which is combined to give softness, breathability, comfort and natural springiness. Hypnos are well known for their luxury mattresses, with many in the range offering layers of alpaca wool, wool and silk all hand-tufted for longevity. However, Hypnos mattresses are often extremely expensive and heavy!

Users report that sleeping on the Luxe feels like floating, but the Luxe does have a softer feel than some mattresses. So, if you like a firm sleeping surface this probably isn't the mattress for you! But the Luxe performs well for all sleeping positions and offers good edge support.

Whilst the Simba Luxe has plenty of competitors, it represents a new approach in luxury mattresses. By using far more modern materials, it offers a new and exciting option in the luxury market and is, in our opinion, well worth considering.

Please be aware that Simba have discontinued this product! It is no longer available from, however some stock may remain in authorised retailers such as; John Lewis

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